Low Cost Machine Learning for Business Intelligence

Our Mission

We strive to use low cost machine learning and statistical analysis to become the best we can be in making our customers more profitable, more productive with more satisfied customers. We strive to become a learning place for actionable knowledge, promoting improved technical & leadership-related competence. We encourage our team members to achieve better physical and mental health and win-win relationships with any person or organization we do business.

Increased Revenue

With the recent availability of big data and improved statistical machine learning techniques, BPA EyeQ can identify better prospects. This allows you to focus and achieve improved results in marketing campaigns. BPA EyeQ will constantly monitor different parameters of your business to identify revenue opportunities. It can also identify existing customers more likely to purchase another products or services without overwhelming them.

Cost Savings

BPA EyeQ can incrementally help to identify cost saving opportunities across your supply, delivery and production cycles.

Satisfied Customers

BPA EyeQ monitors and predicts customer satisfaction using customers’ actions on your website, customers' reactions on social media and combining those signals with other analytics. Our visualization tools running on Ipad or other devices show the future status of problematic nodes (in case of a telecom network) or simply your Customer Satisfaction Quotient (CSQ) in the marketplace.

Help For Non-Profits

Non-profits can enhance their cause by applying big data analytics at a low cost by partnering with BPA. If our mission matches yours, we provide deep non-profit discounts.

Services for Governments

Today, we were able to make more accurate decisions using big-data than ever before. Quality of life in the developing countries can be improved using our technology. We are eager to serve.

Health & Hunger

Spread of infectious diseases can be quickly predicted more accurately than ever. The heart of world hunger is a food distribution challenge that also can be addressed using predictive analytics. Again, we are committed to make our world a better place.