Need SAS To Do More? Consider Leveraging R

Boston Predictive Analytics, based in Cambridge, MA, specializes in enhancing your SAS or SPSS investment by leveraging the power of R, an open source software solution. In addition, we can have years of expertise in SAS or SPSS if you are required stay within the confines of those solutions.

Some of the benefits of using Boston Predictive Analytics to enhance your SAS installation with R include:

  • R is free to use without any license; enhance capabilities without increasing annual licensing costs.
  • Boston Predictive Analytics makes R work seamlessly with your existing SAS or SPSS installation.
  • New 64-bit R installation is very powerful on both Windows and Linux.
  • R works on desktops and servers.
  • R-studio allows you to have amazing GUI interfaces to get things done easily.
  • Major universities are contributing to improve R.
  • R-based Rattle provides a powerful data visualization tool.
  • Output of R can be used in SAS for more processing, if needed.
  • R is completely object-oriented.