Business Issue

Analytic Approach

Business Benefit

Customer Optimization

Grow, manage and retain your customers

  • Next-purchase recommenders
  • Cross-sell or up-sell analytics
  • Customer attrition analytics
  • B2C & B2B loyalty indices
  • Channel classifications
  • Recommend purchases to online customers
  • Isolate underserved customers
  • Identify at risk customers
  • Select customers best for loyalty programs
  • Establish best way to engage customers

Prospect Identification

Improve your new customer acquisition efforts

  • Landing page analytics
  • Direct and e-mail list analytics
  • Prospect scoring
  • Inbound lead scoring
  • Prospect-vendor matching
  • Boost page visits and calls to action
  • Identify groups most likely to respond
  • Establish high-value prospects
  • Isolate best inbound leads
  • Recommend best vendor to prospect

Fraud Detection

Control exposure to online fraudulent activity

  • Fraud propensity scoring
  • Credit card fraud detection
  • Usage abnormality analytics
  • Identify accounts most likely to commit fraud
  • Red flag suspicious transactions
  • Isolate suspect outliers

Network Health

Boost speed and performance of your network

  • Node failure analytics
  • Network analytics
  • Predict network failures
  • Identify areas to improve customer experience