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Attention: Before you sign up with Boston Predictive Analytics, Inc.(DBA BostonAiinstitute), please read this document with attention. The person(s) signing up for BostonAiinstitute services should be agreed to abide by these Terms of Services (TOS). If you have already bought our service without being agreed to our terms, please stop using our service and contact us as soon as possible; you will get your money back.

Below mentioned Terms of Services will be effective from the day you will sign up, by and between Boston Predictive Analytics, Inc.(‘BostonAiinstitute') and you (‘the User').

BostonAiinstitute desires to sell its services including educational assistance and required materials to the User and User desires to buy it from BostonAiinstitute.

Now, so, considering the mutual promises herein enclosed, both the parties agree as follows:-

  • SALE – BostonAiinstitute consents to sell, convey and transfer the services including email, fax, online 1-1 assistance, individual tutoring course and or other education related materials referred here as Services to the User and the User consents to buy the same from BostonAiinstitute. The Services will be available time to time on BostonAiinstitute.com or other sites owned by BostonAiinstitute and referred collectively as ‘Website'.
  • COST – The User(s) agree(s) to pay BostonAiinstitute for its Services according to the costs mentioned on the Website from time to time. User(s) agree(s) to make the payment of the cost of the services clear before he or she starts using BostonAiinstitute Services. However, if the User(s) start(s) using the Services before making full payment for it on time, the User shall be bound to pay the original Cost of the Services and along with that BostonAiinstitute may require the User to pay in additional amount as late payment. This additional charge may equal to about 1% every month on the overdue money.
  • LIMITATIONS ON USE – User(s) agree(s) NOT to use BostonAiinstitute Services for any unauthorized or illegal reason or in any way not consistent with BostonAiinstitute TOS. User(s) agree(s) NOT to allot, sublicense or share out the Services to other. User also agrees NOT to reverse engineer, recompile, dismantle or somehow reduce the materials on BostonAiinstitute Websites to a form readable by human. User(s) agree(s) NOT to change, adjust, translate, lease, rent, loan or resell the materials to others for making profits; share out, or else reassign and transfer BostonAiinstitute Services or any derivatives of BostonAiinstitute Services or any part of the materials without expressive written permission of BostonAiinstitute. Job descriptions that violate the integrity of an academic or professional organization are not allowed.
  • SECURITY AND PROTECTION – User(s) agree(s) to use BostonAiinstitute Services with best of his or her efforts, and also take all necessary actions to protect BostonAiinstitute Services to make sure that no person can have access to the Services in any unauthorized manner and that no unlawful publication, copy, disclosure or allocation of any or whole part of the Services is made. User(s) admit(s) that BostonAiinstitute Services include important and absolutely confidential information as well as trade secrets of BostonAiinstitute; illegal disclosure or copying of those will affect BostonAiinstitute.
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES – BostonAiinstitute Services and Websites include materials derived fully or in part from the materials provided by other sources by means of agreement. User(s) agree(s) to acknowledge that BostonAiinstitute Services, the Website as well as its materials are safeguarded by copyrights, international treaties and service marks and / or other important proprietary rights under laws of State of Texas as well as other states in U.S. as well as in other nations. User(s) shall agree to obey every applicable copyright and other law. The User(s) also agree(s) to abide by other copyright notices and limitation included in the material or in BostonAiinstitute Services. All content submitted to us on our website or via email is owned by Boston Predictive Analytics, Inc.(DBA BostonAiinstitute).
  • NO GUARANTEE – BostonAiinstitute will work at its level best to keep up accurateness, completeness, standard and / or legitimacy of BostonAiinstitute Services it offers through its Website. However, User(s) acknowledge(s) that BostonAiinstitute does not guarantee any specific grade or result or conclusion of any Service provided by it.
  • RESTRICTION OF LIABILITIES – Under any circumstances shall BostonAiinstitute not be responsible for any accidental, incidental, sudden, special, circumlocutory or substantial damages or results cropping up out of or related to these TOS or Services, irrespective of whether any claim is based on the agreement, tort, stringent responsibility or otherwise, nor shall User(s) be eligible to the damages more than the money the User(s) has(have) paid out for BostonAiinstitute Services.
  • INDEMNIFICATION – User(s) shall agree, to the extent allowed by the laws, to indemnify and keep BostonAiinstitute risk-free from any demand and claim including advocate's fee, created by any third party or parties for or arising due to the User's use of BostonAiinstitute Services, by violation of BostonAiinstitute TOS by the User(s), or the breach by the User of any of the copyrights, service marks as well as other proprietary rights of BostonAiinstitute or any third parties. BostonAiinstitute has the right, at its expense, to assume special protection and charge of any topic otherwise subject to the indemnification by the User.
  • AMENDMENTS – BostonAiinstitute possesses proprietary right to change these TOS anytime. User(s) shall agree to read these TOS while posted on Website. Continuous use of BostonAiinstitute Services by the User(s) following amendments to the TOS shall constitute reception of such amendments by the User(s).
  • TERMINATION – These TOS will be effective till the Service is terminated by BostonAiinstitute or by the User(s). The User(s) can terminate Service by informing BostonAiinstitute before BostonAiinstitute has started the associated work. These TOS shall terminate just without any notice by BostonAiinstitute, if in BostonAiinstitute's own discretion, BostonAiinstitute thinks to end them. In later case any charges paid by the User in advance for unused BostonAiinstitute Services shall be paid back to the User(s) within a sensible period of time after termination. On termination of these TOS, for any cause whatsoever, the User(s) shall remove from the computers, storage media, databases and networks of material offered by BostonAiinstitute to the User(s).
  • GOVERNING RULES - These TOS shall be interpreted and implemented according to the rules the State of Texas or State of New Hampshire as applicable to agreements.
  • SEVERABILITY – If any point of these TOS is held by any court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable or unacceptable, then these TOS, including rest of the points will be implemented and in full force and effect as if such unenforceable or unacceptable point was never included in the TOS.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMTS – If any individual(s) other than the User(s) is(are) paying for BostonAiinstitute Services, the User(s) shall agree to print this TOS and provide the printed copy to the person paying for the Services. When the User(s) use(s) these Services, if or not the payment is made, User(s) shall agree that she or he has gone through these TOS, properly realized them and consents to abide by them.