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At Boston Predictive Analytics, we use affordable machine learning and statistical analysis to help our clients increase profits and improve productivity and customer satisfaction. We strive to become a valuable source of knowledge and to promote improved leadership and technical competence. Our team members are encouraged to achieve financial, spiritual, and emotional growth and form win-win relationships with any person or organization with whom we do business.

About Boston Predictive Analytics

Our humble beginning started with the creation of a math and statistics tutoring site. We soon realized, our top-notch statisticians and mathematicians can solve more complex problems, and we started Boston Predictive Analytics providing low cost business intelligence solutions using machine learning. However, we still help budding statisticians with their statistics and probability questions. Here is the link, if you have statistics questions that you are afraid to ask - Get Statistics help.

Our presence at the MIT campus and within few hundred feet from the Harvard University gives us access to exceptional talent. Like the best hospitals are tightly connected to academic world, our strong affinity towards learning and teaching empowers us to become the best in our field. We are ready to solve your most difficult challenges in a cost effective way.

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BPA EyeQTM Analytic Platform

  • The BPA EyeQTM archtecture has the flexibility to grow with your need. As you ask a question (see examples on the figure), it will ask for right data, answer your questions with confidence levels, and possible savings or incremental revenue related to decisions. For example, the network health predictor working in a telecom network can not only predict a possible failures, but also it can estimate amount being saved because of the related decisions.
  • Depending on the questions that you want BPA EyeQ to answer, it may need historic and/or streaming data.
  • BPA interfaces uses open standard protocols (like PMML - Predictive Model Markup Language) so that you are free to choose any vendor in the marketplace keeping your cost of ownership low.
  • You are free to use SAS or SPSS or R working together with our platform.
  • Client Business logic is fed to the system at different points via XML feed. BPA's patent pending Application Based learning Component Logic (ABLCL) and Performance Based Adaptive Component Logic (PBACL) determines and connect the best machine learning and statistical components to find answers to customer questions satisfying the performance requirements of real-time or batch mode.
  • At the back end of the BPA EyeQ, we have libraries of machine learning and statistical analysis. It also contains our profound experience in the art of predictive modeling.

Need SAS To Do More? Consider Leveraging R

Boston Predictive Analytics, based in Cambridge, MA, specializes in enhancing your SAS or SPSS investment by leveraging the power of R, an open source software solution. In addition, we can have years of expertise in SAS or SPSS if you are required stay within the confines of those solutions.

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  • Customer Optimization
  • Prospect Identification
  • Fraud Detection
  • Network Health

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Analytic Training Courses

Course 601: BPA Executive Training, Course 602: For Analytics Professionals, Course 603: For Analytics Professionals and more..

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BPA EyeQ Cloud Based Big-Data API

BPA's cloud-based Big-Data API can help analyze your data to add the following features to your applications at a low cost:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Spam detection
  • Focused crawling
  • Message routing decisions
  • Upsell opportunity analysis
  • Document and email classification
  • Watson like Medical Diagnostics
  • Customer Retention analysis
  • Fraud Detection
  • Recommendation systems

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The BPA EyeQ E-Commerce Recommender System

Boston Predictive Analytics, based in Cambridge, MA, has developed a recommender system for e-commerce businesses.

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Our Clients and Partners

IDC Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem Humana Lifewise CELTIC Assurant Health Net Time Fortis Nationwide Kaiser CIGNA


We strive to use low cost machine learning and statistical analysis to become the best we can be in making our customers more profitable, more productive with more satisfied customers. We strive to become a learning place for actionable knowledge, promoting improved technical & leadership-related competence. We encourage our team members to achieve better physical and mental health and win-win relationships with any person or organization we do business.

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