About Boston Predictive Analytics

Our humble beginning started with the creation of a math and statistics tutoring site. We soon realized, our top-notch statisticians and mathematicians can solve more complex problems, and we started Boston Predictive Analytics providing low cost business intelligence solutions using machine learning. However, we still help budding statisticians with their statistics and probability questions. Here is the link, if you have statistics questions that you are afraid to ask - Get Statistics help.

Our presence at the MIT campus and within few hundred feet from the Harvard University gives us access to exceptional talent. Like the best hospitals are tightly connected to academic world, our strong affinity towards learning and teaching empowers us to become the best in our field. We are ready to solve your most difficult challenges in a cost effective way.

Team / Advisors

Subhankar Ray

Subhankar has worked on large scale web crawler, and recommender system for e-commerce websites. His team also did statistical machine learning based rapid customer segmentation and retention analysis using structured and unstructured data. He also worked as a product manager for Ericsson for their 3G GSM/GPRS wireless infrastructure unit for over 8 years. He was active in several standard bodies for location based mobile services. He has 3 approved patents, and an MS in EE, and an MBA (with focus on Finance). He lives with his family in the greater Boston area.

Dr. Felix Philipp Lutz

Felix has been working in neuromarketing for the past six years and has been studying the neurosciences since the late 80’s while working on his Ph.D. thesis on consciousness and public memory in Germany. For many years, he was a professor of International Relations at Schiller International University, an American University in Heidelberg. He has been working in various positions in marketing and branding in consulting firms (head of trends and brands dept. at Roland Berger Market Research, Germany, head of dept. including public policy, health, new technologies and consumer forecasting at PROGNOS AG, Basel, Switzerland, senior consultant at Sinus-Sociovision, Heidelberg). He was an associate professor of international relations at Mainz and Munich University and also taught IR at Heidelberg University. For several years, he gathered extensive experiences in the field of nueromarketing with the Munich based consulting firm “Gruppe Nymphenburg”. He was also head and CEO of the “International Business School” in Berlin, a private university, where he introduced neuromarketing into the curriculum of the bachelor programme. He is currently a research affiliate at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University.

Dr. John Muller

Computer Science Ph.D., finance quant and data scientist with in-depth expertise in predictive analytics, statistical modeling, algorithms, data handling and programming.

Extensive experience leveraging and analyzing large data sets to solve problems with clear applications to business areas such as financial market analysis, customer analysis, retail demand forecasting, and e-commerce. Hands-on project manager and respected team leader.

Proficient with programming languages including R, Python, Java and C++, as well as SQL.


  • Statistical Modelling and Predictive Analytics
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Algorithms and Computer Science

Daniel Gerlanc

Dan is active in the data science and open source communities, having coauthored the original portfolio management and backtesting packages for R: 'portfolio' and 'backtest'. Dan recently coauthored a new R package, 'bootES', which allows social scientists to easily calculate robust measures of effect sizes.

Bryan Murphy

Former President of a TPA.

Lewis John McGibbney

Former NASA JPL Engineer, and Stanford Postdoc.

Arlene Hostrop

President at IN-NOVATE.

Ajit Jhangiani

Social Enterprise and CSR.

Michael Schrage

Imperial college business school, innovation & entrepreneurship